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Get Free Deaf Cruise Deaf Cruise organisation is offering a FREE cruise for the deaf.  All you have to do is enter and register your name into the lucky draw. Sorry, USA Deafies only!

Let us know if you are the winner and perhaps you could share your experience with us.

Free Deaf Cruise


Cape Rock Deaf Tour Take a holiday of a lifetime travelling around Cape Rock in South Africia. The tour guides are hearing, but they grew up in a deaf enviorment and is fluent in sign language.

This is definately the place where the deaf can group up and enjoy the experience of touring the beauitful South Africia.

Cape Rock Deaf Tour

Connie George Deaf Travel Connie George is a well known and the most popular travel agancy which catered for people with various disabilities.

Are you thinking of setting up a Deaf hoilday? Perhaps you could contact connie to arrange something mindblowing for your group?

Connie George Deaf Travel Agency

Deaf Cruise Hawaii 2007 The coming summer, there is a huge excitment as many deaf people from all walks of life meet up on a cruise which will be packed with Deaf people!

The ticket for the hoilday of lifetime is seling very fast, so to avoid disppointment, get your ticket NOW!

Deaf Cruise 2007

Deaf Diving and Travel For Deaf people who loves Diving and Scuba Diving, take a look at this website and I believe they are organising a trip in Thailand!

Another opportunty to meet other keen deaf divers and to make friends with other deaf people from all over the world.

Deaf Diving and Travel


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Travelling Experience for the Deaf  This site provides an unique travelling experience for deaf travellers who used sign language. They even provides deaf school group tours.

They have many holidays in the pipline, so make sure you come back again and check and see if they have the holiday you are looking for.

Deaf Travelling

Deaf Tours This site is perfect for active deaf travellers who seek for lots of fun and adventure packed trip. Check out their website and see if they have updated it yet.

Keep your eyes on this website  becuase they do provide great packages created specially for the deaf travellers.

Deaf Tours

Deaf Group Travel This travel agency often provides a package holiday for the deaf groups. Check out their website and see what they have in store for you.

There is a huge listing, check out with them to find out how many deaf people have booked that trip and make sure there is an interpretor on those trips too.

Deaf Group Travel


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